20th Wedding Anniversary Cupcakes & Personalised Toppers

Our dearest friends have passed a significant milestone in their lives, their 20th Wedding Anniversary and wanted to celebrate!
My first thought ..... the cake!
So we decided to do some personalised cupcakes in their favourite flavours:
chocolate mud with hazelnut ganache
vanilla & fig with cream cheese
lime/coconut with coconut buttercream
and top them with their favourite things. His favourites were his sports and his sons and hers were simple favourite and of course her sons. I teamed these with some wedding themed ones also.
The topcake with personalised toppers of Ernie & Liana was my surprise to them and it sure was a surprise and a hit. The noose was a last minute addition, but one of my favourite parts of the cake!!

the happy couple surrounded by their favourite things

Her favourites - coffee, chocolate and lavender. His favourites - bowling, the mighty Collingwood, the Roosters and cricket. The initials are their son's names.

The wedding inspired toppers - 20, wedding rings, hearts and an itty, bitty wedding cake.

lined up and ready to make a toast at the party

and the happy couple on the night.
Happy 20th Anniversary to Ernie & Liana.
A more special, thoughtful, giving and caring couple you could never find.


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