Boys' Celebration Day - with Christening Elegance & Ben 10 Cakes

It was a beautiful weekend for 2 special little boys, Jaiden & Dylan.
Jaiden celebrated his first religious milestone with his Christening Day.
The cake was inspired by my "Bootieful" cake. We made a few changes and Jaiden's cake was created!
The Christening cake was a decadent jaffa mud cake.
Jaiden's big brother Dylan celebrated his 4th birthday at the same time with a Ben 10 cake. Big boys love Ben 10!
The Ben 10 cake was a chocolate & vanilla marble cake (perfect for hungry little people)!
The celebration all took place in the fabulous function facilities in the Pullman Hotel at Sydney Olympic Park.

The rustic silver bible with rosary beads and shimmery white cross.

God Bless You Jaiden.

Dylan is 4!!

Ben 10 sits over the festivities.

Happy 4th Birthday Dylan.


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