Dora the Explorer Backpack Birthday Cake

My camera is slowly on its way out. These were the only photos that came out from this weeks orders. The others for some reason went into thin air. Managed to work this problem out now and just in time for my big weekend away.
Moving on ......
This Backpack cake was made for a big Dora the Explorer fan who happens to be the beautiful little girl of one of my gorgeous friends.
She had a special little party with her family to celebrate her 4th birthday and this cake was such a wonderful surprise for her.
There were also 25 3D Dora cupcake toppers to take to pre-school, but alas no photos.

Backpack with "Map" popping out the side pocket. And of course no Backpack cake would be complete without a little Dora!

Happy 4th Birthday Tamara!!


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