Veuve, Jimmy Choo & Tiffany 40th Birthday Cake

A request came for a cake for a fabulous 40-years-young gal.
Helen had no idea that this cake was arranged, and between her hubby and her gal pals they decided that the best way to sum Helen up ... is style ..... and style would be Veuve Clicquot, Jimmy Choo and Tiffany.
This is that adaptation!
Veuve needs to be put on ice - so the "ice bucket" is the actual birthday cake, chocolate mud covered and filled with dark chocolate ganache. The bubbles and Tiffany box are both fondant covered styrofoam. The Jimmy Choo is completely hand moulded and apart from the diamontes - is completely edible. I based this Jimmy Choo design on an actual design in their current collection and made a few changes to adapt to "cake" and voila, maybe they will make this new model??
The Tiffany label is handpainted and all other labels are edible images.

I wonder after a few birthday beverages, how many of the party goers would've tried to open this bottle?

The Choo shoe!
If you had a size 5 or 6 foot, it would probably fit!

Every girl's favourite colour blue and favourite coloured box!

Veuve on ice. The ice is eucalyptus sugar lollies.

Happy 40th Helen.
I hope you had a very memorable & fabulous night!


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