Iggle Piggle on a Motorbike Birthday Cake!

Sam's mum called me about getting a cake made for his 3rd birthday. The cake choice seemed a bit random at first, but then I thought "wow - that sounds like fun"!

Sam loves Iggle Piggle and In the Night Garden BUT he also loves motorbikes! When asked what kind of cake he would like - his immediate response was Iggle on a motorbike!

So here is Iggle Piggle with his fantastic new ride .... with some special guest appearances by Upsy and Macca!

The cake is a strawberry/vanilla swirl cake with white chocolate ganache.

All decorations are completely handmade.

The cake looked like FUN and was definitely a kids cake!

Some of the usual In The Night Garden scenes - yellow cobblestones, rocky tunnel, bubble trees and clouds.

Iggle with his ride (and customised number plates!

I shuddered at the thought of a motorbike at first! However, once I broke it down all in my head - it was remarkably not too hard! I actually really enjoyd it and was extremely happy with how it turned out - although I still can see some improvements!

The characters!

I wanted Iggle to be the star of his own show, so I wanted the other "guests" to seem as they were not meant to be there! So I hid Upsy Daisy behind the tree and Macca Pacca peered out from inside the tunnel.

Happy 3rd Birthday Samuel!

Just got this lovely message from Sam's Mum:

"...The cake was an absolute hit. Everyone thought it was amazing. The fact that it tasted fantastic too was a double bonus. I have recommended you to so many people! Thanks for a fantastic cake experience! Will be in touch next time I require a cake for sure!...."


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