A Wonky Bubbly Cocktail themed 40th Birthday Cake

We knew it was coming and we couldn't wait! One of my Bowral girls was turning 40!

Let me say a little bit about Karen. She is a wonderful mother to 4 beautiful kids, an outstanding wife to one lucky fella and the best gal pal to many!

Karen loves my cakes and the only request she had for a cake was for the flavours!

What to do when left with an open design envelope?!

Decided to get inspiration from the invitations and go with the colour scheme and the party theme. The party had a free flowing cocktail bar (sooooo good!) and her invitations had an ombre purple effect.

As Karen has seen most of my cakes, I wanted to do something different for her and to WOW her a little. So I decided on a topsy turvy.

I may upset the apple cart a bit with this comment, but I really do not like the look of madhatters much! They can be done beautifully, but they just do nothing for me - prefer the topsy turvy look.

I then wanted to have Karen laying in a cocktail glass, so I thought cascading champagne bubbles down the side would be appropriate!

To get the ombre effect, I used an airbrush for the first time! A bit of practice required for Mrs Blissfully Sweet, but all good all the same!

I personally loved how this cake turned out. The simple lines, the wonky nature and it was Karen to a T!

Her reaction was the BEST!!!! She loved, loved, loved it as did everyone and the night was a fabulous hit! Great party!

The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and white chocolate coconut mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

The topsy turvy bubbly cake. The 40 is completely covered in purple glitter (only inedible part). Forgot to order the edible lustre, so I covered the fondant 40 in normal glitter and then sealed it.

Exploding bubbles

Karen in her cocktail glass complete with her trademark high heels and painted toe and finger nails!

Happy 40th Birthday Fabulous Gal! x


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