Baseball Themed Groom's Cake

This baseball themed groom's cake was made for a friend's sister's wedding day.   Amanda & Dan were getting married off at Coffs Harbour and Amanda asked me quite a while ago to make her cake.   However, the wedding cake would've been a bit of a stretch to go to Coffs Harbour!   We decided on a groom's cake and some bride and groom toppers for their locally made wedding cake.

Amanda wanted to surprise Dan with the groom's cake.   Dan is a qualified baker and loves cakes.  He also loves the Seattle Mariners!   Amanda was quite specific with want she wanted - Hernandez pitching, Ken Jnr batting, the Mariners Moose doing something mascotty and Dan sliding into homebase!   Hello Google!  I needing to search to see who and what these players looked like!   I need to also keep in mind that this cake needed to travel!

I took these pictures before they left on their flight.  It was a horrendous Sydney morning, humid and raining!  I hoped it would all go well!   All the people were then removed and placed in styrofoam for the trip.  Amanda had a friend who could put it all together up in Coffs!

So pleased to say that the trip was an extremely safe one!  Everything went to plan.   Dan's head came a little unstuck, however these things happen to grooms!   A little different placing on the night, but the groom's reaction was the best - he was over the moon!

The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.   All the decorations were handmade and completely edible.

I also made the bride and groom topper for the wedding cake.   The dress, hair, flowers and groom's suit were all made to match.   Slightly different placement on the night, but very happy faces!
Congratulations to Amanda & Dan!   Such a pleasure to work with such a beautiful couple!


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