Cakes for LUXE Photo Shoot

A few months ago, I was asked by Lina of Chanele Rose Flowers to make some cakes for her upcoming LUXE photo shoot.  

All I knew was that the theme was LUXE and the colour palette to be used was gold, silver, peach and ivory.    I felt very honoured that alongside my cakes, Patricia from Yummy Cupcakes was also asked to make a cake also.   I was a tad nervous as Patricia is my idol for all things cake, so I needed to think!

I decided to get my inspiration from the colour palette as well as from couture fashion.   To me, nothing screams luxe more than sequins, ruffles and stripes.

So, to the drawing board I went and this was the result!  

Photo shoot styled by Chanele Rose Flowers & Events.

The cakes at the shoot.   My cakes are 1, 2 and 4.   Cake #3 is by Yummy Cupcakes.
Photograph by photographer Hannah Lundberg Photography

Onsite photo by me

My Sequinned Metallic Cake

Based on the colour scheme of the shoot, I wanted a cake that screamed LUXE! Metallics do that for me as well as couture elements like sequins, ruffles and stripes.

The first of my trio, was the sequinned cake. The background of the cake is peach metallic coloured and then it was pain stakingly covered in 3000+ tony fondant sequins and then hand painted. To see this cake shimmer in the light was a thing of beauty for me!

My Art Deco Inspired LUXE cake.

When thinking of this cake for the trio, I wanted a modern art deco type of cake, so to start I positioned the tiers to one side for a more modern feel. Then the extended bottom tier was covered in stripes going different ways and then all hand painted in metallic tones of gold, peach and ivory.

The top 2 tiers were left plain in a ivory metallic finish and then I included a metallic fan detail to cascade from the top.

My Art Deco inspired cake

The Romantic Ruffle Cake

I angst over the design of the 3rd cake and wanted to do a ruffle cake of some sort, but something different. I opted for a single wide ruffle that opened at the front to an ivory metallic base. The top tier was simple adorned with little ruffled blooms with gold shimmery centres.

My romantic ruffles cake
More photos from the shoot will be released at a later date!


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