Roll up, Roll up Carnival Themed Birthday Cake

Such a pleasure to deal with lovely clients who have faith in trying something a little different! My lovely client Tash, initially wanted one of my previous circus themed cakes, but with little to no persuasion, I managed to sell her a different idea.

Carnival to me, means rides and lots of ride tickets! The bottom double barrelled tier is completely covered in ride token tickets. These were beautifully designed by Nicole from Pretty and Print and then printed as an edible image.

The top tier is the vintage carousel tier. The beautiful vintage blue, matched with the rich reds and lots of ornate golden touches gave this tier the old vintage look.

The carousel is a hand carved cone and base from styrofoam then covered in the traditional ride and white of these rides. Little circus animals take a ride on the carousel ..... the shaggy, retro looking lion, the trick loving elephant and the impish looking monkey. Tash also wanted to incorporate a clown, so he was the master of the cake and took pride of place out the front!

Everything is handmade on this by me. The carousel top and bottom is the only inedible part. All animals and the clown and moulded from fondant.

From top to bottom this cake is HUGE. It is 24" in height!

The bottom tier is white chocolate raspberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache and the top tier is vanilla sponge cake with white chocolate ganache.

The carousel

The circus animals - the shaggy/retro lion, the tricky elephant and the impish monkey!

The gold embossed name plaque

The master of ceremonies - the clown!

and some colour matched desserts to go with!
Ruffled cookies

Ruffled cupcakes

Sprinkled pretzels

Dipped marshmallow pops

and the matching desserts

Happy Birthday Zayan!


Gluten Free Products said...

They recipe is not complicated and therefore can be easily made at home. The ingredients include eggs, butter, flour and other items needed to decorate the cake.

Beautiful Cake Pictures said...

Those ruffled colorful cupcakes are beautiful. They would most likely look amazing in many color variations. Very creative, really love how the little sparkles are filled inside the flower!

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