Tool Box Birthday Cake

This cake was made for an extra special person! John, my old next door neighbour, feels like a part of our family also. When I was asked to make a cake for his 60th, I automatically thought of a tool box - because he is the handiest handy man around! He is oft times off doing odd jobs for me when the time arises and he is the salt of the earth! Cannot speak highly enough of this family!

So onto the cake. I wanted the actual tool box, to have a vintage wood feel to it. All the panels and cross bar were given a hand painted wood look to achieve this. Then there were the tools .... I started and kept going! The oily rag on the side of the box was a last minute addition, as well as the crumbled up paper as the birthday message.

The cake is chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache. Everything is completely hand moulded by me and completely edible, except the cross bar, which is fondant covered styrofoam.

Every handy man needs a tape measure

The crumpled up paper as the birthday message was a last minute addition.

Nuts, bolts and screwdriver

I am bad with the right names - a shifter (?), hammer and pliers.

More nuts & bolts as well as a phillips head screwdriver and paint scraper.

Even an oily rag made its way into the tool box.

A couple of spanners.

Ready for any handy job required.

Happy 60th Birthday John!


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