"Life is a Garden" Birthday Cake

This was a last minute order from a friend for her mother's birthday.
The lovely lady in question is an avid crafter and loves her garden. So this is the result ... a serene little garden setting to celebrate a beautiful mum's birthday.

taking in the front of the garden path and steps

view of the succulents and table setting

a close up of the details .... the woodgrain table & tea setting and the succulent pots

but one of my favourite parts was the bird bath, I almost wanted to jump in!

and a few garden cupcakes to go with
..... to keep the kids happy at the birthday, chocolate mud cupcakes will keep them happy (and revving) indeed!

and the whole "flora" ensemble.
I hope they had as much fun "hoeing" into this cake as I did in creating it!
Happy Birthday.


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