Laptop NERD Birthday Cake!

A wonderful friend of my sister's ordered this cake for her husband's 40th birthday!
Her hubby had no idea and brief I was given was that he is a NERD! Loves computers and motorbikes (Yamaha R1 being his favourite), just got accepted to start his MBA studies and is a caring and dedicated father to their son Thomas.
Given free reign, I decided to make the "cake" a desktop, sandstone like, and everything to be around that.
The cake is banana mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

The laptop, books and mouse are all carved and covered styrofoam. Perfect for stability and weight!

I love to incorporate the cake board! Nothing I hate more than a beautifully decorated cake sitting on top of the uncovered cake boards!
The cake board had post it notes, Yamaha keyring, crumpled paper, pencil and eraser .... everything being completed edible!
The screen saver is the Yamaha he loves so much. I made a mousemat from a picture of Spiro and his son (edible also) and the birthday message was on a post-it stuck to the laptop.

Just heard from Michelle and Spiro was BLOWN away!! He was just astounded at everything that was soooo him incorporated into the cake. He quite happily says that everything nerdy about him is on the cake!
2 words Spiro - Bill & Mark. As in Gates and Zuckerberg! Everything nerdy is cool again!
Happy 40th!!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on the cake board needing to be incorporated with the design. I hate to see a beautiful cake on a bare board. I love this cake, it looks fantastic. The mouse mat is my favourite :)

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thank you :))

Anonymous said...

great! love all that well done details

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