High Tea Cake Toppers

A lovely friend at school loves to bake also. She was asked to make the cake for her friend's 60th birthday. She asked me to make some toppers to put on her cake.
She did a magnificent job with the cake and I am sure that these toppers only enhanced the beautiful cake.
I have been told that the birthday gal loved the little toppers that much that she lacquered them and keeps them in her china cabinet!
I was asked to make a little figurine of the birthday gal, a cake, a tea set as well as a freestanding "60" and a birthday message plaque.

This is the tea set, inspired by Planet Cake's new cupcake book.

Here is the cake. I decided to make it 4 tiered and put some little plates and cake server as well on a pink tablecloth.

And the birthday gal. From the information given, she was to have white 3/4 pants, pink polo shirt and she wears lots of gold. So gold earrings, necklace and rings were displayed!
The photo provided to me showed her hair a little greyer than should've been, so a last minute change to her hair was made and waalaa ... she got a rinse and became a blonde. They really do have more fun!!
Happy 60th !!


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