A Christening Cake for a Family of 4

This Christening "tower" was made for four siblings all being Christened/blessed at one time.
Each tier of the cake represents each child and the size of the tiers represent the ages of the children (eldest child at the bottom, with the youngest at the top).
Cake flavours are: chocolate mud as well as white chocolate and caramel marble mud.

"Chicka" (or Charles), the youngest child and only boy is represented in a elegant blue and white striped box.

Rosie's tier represents a rose garden with the pink and green theme.

Daisy has a sunny, yellow and dotty inspired tier.

and Jasmine's (the eldest) tier is a simple elegant design taken from the colour of the sweet smelling bloom of her name.

Put it all together and you get ALOT of cake, but a beautiful colour combination that suits each child and is worthy of such a blessed occasion.
Congratulations and God Bless You.


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