A Combined 50th & 18th Golf Birthday Cake

I love it from the very first point of contact when someone inspires you - and this beautiful family did.
Robert and his daughter Victoria are respectively turning 50 and 18. And the thing that they both enjoy the most is playing golf together. Now, I am by no means a golfer of any sort, but I am a big fan of children & parents special time.
Both are members of the North Ryde Golf Club, so when it came to celebrate the special occasion, where else to go but at these same pristine grounds.
They both loved my "William" golf cake, so I made some changes and added a few things and BOOM, we got Victoria & Robert as well as their clubs and their game card and all in a huge cake that easily fed their 100 guests.

Victoria at the tee off.

Robert lands in the bunker!

Having fun on the green

Their golf bags - she loves purple and he is a St George Dragons fan

A few balls landed in the "North Ryde Pond"

Happy Birthday Victoria & Robert.
Thank you for allowing me to make a small contribution to your big day.


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