Fine Things Cupcakes for a "Very Fine 60's lady"

A request for cupcakes for a beautiful mum celebrating her 60th birthday.
Mum also celebrates life with her love of travel, gardening, sewing & design as well as all the fine things in life - namely shoes, bags & accessories!!
These 30 cupcakes were made for her with these loves in mind.

The travel and gardening set

Gardening - watering can, garden tools, tulip patch, flower pot & seedlings

Travel set - camera, passport & airline tickets, suitcase, photos of monuments and a map

The sewing & design set - pin cushion, sewing machine, buttons, cotton spool, pattern, thimble & knitting needle and basket

Close up of the sewing set - knit 1, pearl 2 ....

The fine things set - Chanel lipstick, show box, sandals, make-up brush, Moet, handbag, pearl necklace and Chanel purse

The sewing and fine things set.

Happy 60th Birthday!!!


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