A Vintage Wedding Cupcake Tower

Angela & Ed came to see me a while ago and spoke to me of their wedding plans.
I LOVED their ideas and the outcome matched their theme to a T.
Angela loves to bake and make all things herself - so with her attention to detail - the invitations were all handcrafted as well as the beautiful bomboniere gifts that were given out to guests. The bomboniere box included a sampling of the couples favourite tea, a packet of Angela's homemade jam drop biscuits (yum!) as well as a little booklet with some of their favourite baking recipes. A beautiful handmade delight that was all handmade and designed with the help of the graphic designer friend Jonathan Ly. Visit his website here.
Their theme was casual vintage.

134 cupcakes were made with alternate designs with an ivory and muted green colour scheme. The cupcakes were all topped with a delicate ribbon and bloom design.
The top cutting cake was a simple ivory sheath with ivory beading wrapping down the side of the cake stemming from the large handcrafted Magnolia flower that decorated the side of the cake.

Their wedding was held in the picturesque grounds of the Sebel Resort & Spa Hawkesbury Valley located in Windsor. The ceremony was by the lake on the lawns and then a short stroll through the hotel to their function room.
I can recommend one and all to enjoy a beautiful wedding at this venue. It made me want to walk down the aisle again - even after 16 years of marriage!!

The cupcake tower with top cutting cake. The room was decorated to perfection after these shots by the talented room decorators at the Sebel.

The magnolia and beading of the top cake.

Close up of the magnolia

The ribbon and bloom decoration on the alternating cupcakes. All the cupcakes and top cake were white chocolate mud cake.

Waiting for the happy Mr & Mrs Lee as well as their bounty of excited well wishers.
Congratulations Angela & Ed.
May this day be the start of many happy tomorrow's for you both.


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