Lawn Bowling Birthday Cake

A friend of mine asked me to ice and decorate their father's birthday cake request.
His only request was that the cake needed to be their mum's fruit cake.
So as a surprise to him, I was asked to decorate the cake for Peter with his 2 loves in mind .... lawn bowling and Queensland League!

Peter with his silver hair, ready to bowl the ball closest to the Jack. His bowling bag is close by, as is his football. He is wearing his QRL shirt.

Happy 74th Birthday Peter!


Stella said...

Just a stranger here I am and very surprised seeing so many innovative sport loving items. You delivered the Lawn Bowls birthday cake idea indeed so sophisticated manner. The cakes look really delicious and alluring. I like to admit this was super fascinating experience to have me into your resourceful page rich with sports related information. I appreciate your great job.

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