A Toy Box Christening Cake

Little Rianna Maria's Christening took place over the weekend and her day would be fit for a "Toy Story".
An open toy box Christening cake was created for the occasion.
The colour of the toy box, was made to match the bomboniere and the toys were given extra special treatment as they peeped expectantly out of the open toy box.
The toy box was a decadent chocolate mud cake with a rich dark chocolate ganache.

The toy box stood approx. 27 cms tall and the only inedible part of the toy box was the lid. The lid was a carved piece of styrofoam covered in fondant.

Rianna's glittery name plaque and dotty rattle. The toy box sat on faux wooden boards!

On top of the embossed blankets in the box, sat the toys (L to R)
Ducky, frog prince, teddy bear, baby shoe, bunny rabbit, horse and rag doll.

The ducky is hiding behind the prince! The shiny toy box lid, mirrored all the toys!

Rag doll and little horse.

Frog prince, teddy bear and soft soled baby shoes.

Waiting for Rianna .....

Happy Christening Day Rianna.
God Bless You.


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