A Birthday Cake for a Domestic Goddess!

This is a special surprise birthday cake made for one of my beautiful friend's.
When thinking of an idea for a cake, the perfect choice was a domestic goddess scene. Karen is a fantastic cook, sewer mum and friend - so this scene sums it up!
The cake is a cherry ripe chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache .... did I mention that Karen is a chocoholic!!

Work your magic!

All the essential baker's needs, including the usual cracked egg!

Top left to right:
Half filled cake tin, muffin tin, cake batter in mixing bowl, rolling pin, Kitchen Aid, cookie tray, butter, eggs (cracked and uncracked), flour and the 4-tiered baked cake!

Karen also loves ribbons - so I got this idea for the name from Lily's birthday cake in Sex & the City 2. The lettering is like grosgrain ribbon.

The sewing basket with embossed blanket, measuring tape, thimble, pin cushion, buttons and thread.

Happy Birthday Karen .... you truly are a domestic goddess!!!!


Vivienne Keys - Queen V said...

Oh wow, so impressive, u rock!!!!

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thanks Queen V!!!

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