Cheese Platter Cake

This is a birthday cake made for a very special and wonderful friend of mine.
Lisa does not have a sweet tooth and her mantra is "I don't do cake, I do cheese"
Perfect .... she got both for her birthday!
The cake suited her to a T and was a bit of a surprise!!!
The cheese board is jaffa mud and the cheese rounds are all orange/almond cake.
Everything is completely edible and hand moulded.

The cheese knife, bread sticks, dried apricots, strawberries, crackers, stuffed and kalamata olives, grapes and herbed cheese log.

I wish the fondant could taste like what they look like - that would be a bit freaky and a bit "Fat Duck-ish".

Happy Birthday to lovely Lisa .... may you always age like a fine cheese ....... LOL!!
Joking .... with love always xx
It was definitely a night to remember!!


Missy Shay said...

That looks great! My neighbor would love that cake! I tell her she is going to turn into cheese one day!

Blissfully Sweet said...

I am not a huge fan of cheese ..... but I do understand the fascination and this cake suited the recipient to a "T".

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