Wedding Cake Designed for Cosmopolitan Bride Summer Edition 2011

At the end of September I had a very humbling and exciting phone call from Cosmopolitan Bride magazine! They had heard about little ol' Blissfully Sweet and they wanted to know whether I would like to design a cake for their next issue .... derr .... YES!

They had the sweetest things to say about my work *blush* and then gave my carte blanche on the design, just that it needed to be based on a real wedding they were featuring and that it needed to be ready in 10 days! No probs! Considering I was in the midst of birthday season in the Blissfully Sweet house!

They sent me the images and I LOVED them! The wedding was a modern/vintage style I thought with very clean lines and nothing too fussy! The colour palette of greys, silvers and pewters mixed with bursts of lemon was a gorgeous combination.

I decided to take my inspiration from there and this is what I came up with!
The bottom tier I made all pleated to match the brides and bridesmaids dresses. This was all in a dark pewter shimmery hue.

The middle extended tier was a silver shimmer and was a mass of ribbon quilling. I got the quills idea by looking at the clean lines of everything else and decided to soften up the edges.

The top tier is ivory pleating going around and coming to a point at the front where it meets the bloom.

The yellow open bloom was my take on the flowers for the day and I decided to add in some grey and silver berries because it looked pretty!

A few days later, I was asked to make some matching cupcakes to go with, as the real wedding had a cupcake tower. I decided to keep in theme and keep the cupcake design in the same simple lines - quils, pleats and yellow blooms.

All the beautiful cakes and cupcakes were displayed and photographed on beautiful amber hobnail cake stands that were supplied by Sweet Style. You can buy them here.

So very excited to see it in print today!

I came up with this design quite quickly once I saw what I was working with and once I sketched it I loved it. However, I loved how it turned out even more! Nothing better than when that happens.

Thanks to Cosmo Bride and Katerina for this opportunity.

Woo hoo!

The beautiful cover of the summer edition and on page 155 is what I now call the "Sweet" page (for both Blissfully Sweet and Sweet Style)!

The cake before it left for the photo shoot! I loved all the textures on this cake. If I had the chance again I would have THIS cake. Maybe for my renewal ceremony??!

The different elements.

The cupcakes.

and the whole set!


Tanya - Lifes Little Celebrations said...

Love the new blog Jacki! So fresh and lovely!
Also that cake is amazing! Congrats for having it featured :)

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thanks Tanya! Getting used to the new look - but I LOVE it!!

Camilla said...

i saw your cake on Cake Wrecks and fell in love! what kind of petal cutters did you use for you flower? its gorgeous!

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