Christmas Cookie Swap 2011

I was contacted a little while back by the oh so fabulous Linda from Bubble & Sweet. I have admired Linda's work for quite some time now and her email had me thrilled and flattered at the same time.

She wanted to arrange for a cookie swap! She had enlisted 5 other (including herself) cookie artisans and wanted me to join the ranks! Seeing that cookies is not really what I am known for, I was very pleased to be associated with this group of ladies!

The rules were simple, create and make a small group of cookies to send off to one of the other cookie artists. The theme of course was Christmas and the rest was left to our imaginations. The draw was anonymous, so we only knew who to send our cookies to and not who we would get it from .... are the suspense! Now, what to do???

I immediately thought of one of our own household traditions. Writing letters to Santa, so that became my theme and I decided on stamps, an envelope and letter.  As I will quite openly admit to piping not being my forte, I decided to handpaint my decorations! This is more my style!

At the last minute before these were sent, I found these adorable mini mailboxes from the Little Big Company and knew that I had found the right thing to send my cookies in!
Come now and look inside my cookie package:  
You've got mail!

The stamps, the airmail envelope and the handscribed note to Santa!

So on Monday, I sent my care package off to my secret swappee.   I can reveal now that my cookies were made especially for Three Honey Bees.   Very nervous about sending them, mainly hoping that they would get there in one piece, but also that they would cut the muster!

The next day, my birthday, I received the best present ..... my cookies arrived and when I saw who they were from I squealed with delight!   Noo from Dessert Menu Please was my cookie maker - how lucky am I?!   I have admired Noo's cookies FOREVER and to see them in the flesh was fantastic! 

Excited to rip it open!  A beautiful little note from Noo and beautiful boxed cookies!

Hopefully they have photographed as beautiful as they are!  My own Blissfully Sweet cookie shop window cookies!   They all jigsaw together as well!   Such beautiful attention to detail and of course the piping, gorgeous!   
Thank you soooo much Noo!

There was also another special surprise from the Cookie Swap organiser, Linda from Bubble & Sweet.   She had sent us all a little sampler pack of cookies!   How sweet is she?   My mouth gaped open in awe when I opened them - just beautiful!

Thank you Linda for this fabulous idea and including me in on the fun!
Thank you to the other lovely ladies for taking part! You can visit their fantastic online sites here:


Linda Vandermeer McCubbin said...

What a great post and some fantastic cookies and pictures. Both you and Noo did such an amazing job. Thanks so much for joining in the Christmas fun. Xx Linda V

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thank YOU for including me Linda! Such a great idea and ALOT of fun! Cannot wait to see what everyone else did!

Sue said...

I am in LOVE with your letters to Santa cookies!!! The little red mailbox was the perfect thing to send them in:) Time to pin!

Νίκη said...

I love this idea!!

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