A Stork Baby Shower Cake for Me!

Seeing that I am extending our family for the 3rd time now .... I was not expecting much fuss and ado about it all .... I should've known better!
The most fabulous women in my life, my school ladies, decided to throw me a baby shower.
I had one proviso - I had to provide the cake!
Probably the last time I will ever make a cake for myself. Whilst happy with the outcome, I was indecisive til the end and winged it as I went .... very weird for my methodical sensbilities!!
Moving on .....
The top 2 tiers are dummy cakes and the bottom tier is jaffa mud cake.
The cake matched the colour theme to the wondrous event!

The stork (the only part that I knew I wanted from the beginning) sitting on a ruffled cloud bed ready to bring the new bundle of joy down to a mini me!

I seriously wish this was how they were delivered!!!

Mini-me and my totally glamorous new Isoki baby bag.
The baby bag I was gifted with, as after 3 babies, it is the only thing I really need.

Little pea in the pod and embossed button colour themed cupcakes to go with.
The cupcakes are orange/almond cakes with cream cheese frosting ..... yummmmmm!

And a very happy me with my cake at the end of a wonderful day spent with the most wonderful women!!
I really am going to miss being pregnant - it is the last time - and it is all bittersweet!!
Bring it on stork!


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