A Sand Castle 40th Birthday Cake

My sister's wonderful hubby Peter turned 40 last week. As they have the new twins and alot on their plate, nothing much was to be made of the event. However, Tina decided to not let the date pass without a get together with friends and family to mark the occasion.
Party at the park - tick
Friends/family invited - tick
Wonderful Greek food made by Peter's mum - tick
Cake - tick
Peter's loves are the beach, Liverpool FC, his girls and Tina of course!
The bottom tier and the top turret are covered styrofoam.
The middle tiers are jaffa mud with dark chocolate ganache.
The sand effect was made by crushed milk arrowroot biscuits expertly (??) thrown onto the cake - I loved the effect and the crunch when it was eaten!
Have to admit this is one of my fave cakes!
Peter's castle!

Peter's birthday message written in the sand!

The buckets

The girls - Elán & Olivia, making a little sandcastle for themselves.
Olivia being the strawberry blonde at the moment.

You can see their spades buried in the sand (a good way to use broken pieces).
Their pink and green spotted towel is behind them.

and the birthday brother-in-law with his cake!
Happy 40th Birthday Pete!


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