30th Birthday Cake for a Fisherman, Bowler, VB Loving Builder!

A wonderful girlfriend put a lot of thought into this cake.
Chris loves fishing, lawn bowls, VB, F1 racing and is a builder by trade. Also needed to incorporate a photo!
This was the design concept I came up with - I think it all intergrated really well!
The cake is chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.
Everything, except the fishing pole, is completely handmade and edible!

Looking down over the pond and work site!

Chris in his personalised dinghy with his esky and that big catch!

Hard work deserves a cold beer!

The packet on the bench is his worms for bait!

The bottom tier was covered in red for the F1 and draped in a finish flag.
The builder gear for his building trade.

Birthday message is a mixture of wood planks and the 30 is spelt out in nails.
The green bowling bag has his lawn bowl ball on the ready!

Happy 30th Birthday Chris!


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