A Circus Christening Cake

Firstly ... I cannot take the design credit for this cake! The original design is by Elite Cake Design.
My client asked for me to make this cake and I said "hell yeah!"
While I cannot take credit for the original design, I sure can take credit for the HOURS it took to create. One of the most detailed cakes to date!
Now, Rebecca who ordered this cake, is a wonder woman! She is a beautiful mother to very active twin boys and her new cherub Andre. Rebecca calls her life a circus, so the Christening theme was born.
It really does depict her life. Her little monkey on top, her twin "clowns" on the bottom and her husband as the lion king and Bec as the seal (she always needs new tricks).
The cake is decadent dark chocolate mud cake filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache.
The function was held at the gorgeous Public Dining Room at Balmoral Beach.

I included a diamonte cross to the flag for the Christening occasion.
Everything is completely edible except for the ball the monkey is on, the pedestal the seal and lion are on and the bodies of the clowns. These are carved and covered styrofoam.
The striped poles are retro paper straws.

Andre the little monkey.

The seal and the lion.

The clowns .... one with a water filled rose and the other juggling.

And the Christening circus cake was complete.

Happy Christening Day Andre. May God bless you always.


Anonymous said...

a very happy cake, strong colours, cute animals

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