Handbags & Stilettos Cake

Vanessa came to me to organise a cake for her older sister's 60th birthday. Vanessa is a barrister and her sister Louise is a senior barrister, so she wanted to incorporate a little of this to the cake.

When thinking of a design, it was not too much of a stretch! Louise loves handbags and high heels and the higher the better! So a beautiful alligator bag cake was made with a red Jimmy Choo stiletto. I then draped a barrister's tie-wig over the side of the bag.

The cake is a decadant chocolate mud cake layered and filled with a dark chocolate ganache.

I just received the loveliest feedback from the client who was ecstatic with the cake and her sister's reaction was "priceless" - apparently all in attendance were in awe of the cake as well as the caterers!

The barrister's tie-wig

The Jimmy Choo. Red gumpaste is a nightmare and although happy with the end result, am still wishing things a little differently. My original heel had to be scrapped due to the fact it refused to dry and then went to plan B and made a new heel at the last moment from styrofoam and a skewer! Just to be sure, I made sure the heel was secure by stabilising it a little more by placing it in the folds of the cake board ..... I really do not think anyone was the wiser (until now)!

The shiny alligator bag

The buckle and zipper detail. The handles were made by covering a flexible PVC pipe with fondant! Love the local hardware! It also made it easy to dissemble and eat the cake!

Happy 60th Birthday Louise!


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