Ruffle Cake

I am not a girly girl by any means .... prefer to term myself a woman of substance (lol)! However, the vintage look of ruffle cakes has always appealed to me! Being vintage styled is the obvious appeal for me, but the beauty of the imperfect ruffles ...... there lies the true beauty!

Moving on from that warble ..... Leanne from Mrs A in the Cove asked me to make her a ruffle cake for her birthday and YES YES YES was my answer. Always wanted to try the ruffles and see them in Leanne's beautiful photos is a bonus! Go to her blog here for her gorgeous pics!

So here are some of my photos. The cake is a very vanilla cake, filled and covered and ruffled in a vanilla buttercream!

a buttercream mille feuille!

feathery light layers!

Happy Birthday Leanne!


Sweet Style said...

Thanks Jacki - it was just devine - got to take some gorgeous shots of it and then had my own little party with my family yesterday. Thanks for my birthday wishes. Leanne xx

Anonymous said...

love this design, i used this kind of ruffles on a cake too, looks great

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