A West Tigers Football Cake

FINALLY .............. a footy cake for the right team! Go the Tigers!

I am a firm believer that the best advertising is your work and happy customers!

Well seredipity happened last weekend when a cake that I made for one my favourite clients had a last minute change of venue due to the weather. So off to the restaurant they went and when Susan saw the camping cake, she immediately wanted to know where it came from. She called me the instant later and begged for a cake for the following weekend! Busy and full I was, but her begging paid off when I learnt she wanted a West Tigers cake for her absolutely fanatic 11 year old daughter! And glad I was, because a more lovely family you would not find!

Lucky Pia also got to visit her favourite team at a team training session!

So here is her cake after that diatribe ..... a football, based on the centennary ball, with Pia on top with her blonde ringlets!

The cake is a chocolate/vanilla marble cake with chocolate ganache.

Everything is handcarved and all decorations are handmade and completely edible.

Pia on her team's football

Blond ringlets and a Tigers jersey and scarf

With a sports mag beside her with the title "Tigers Win 60-0"

One of my favourite parts, her curls!

Happy 11th Birthday Pia!

"Go the Mighty Tigers"


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