Rapunzel "Tangled" Birthday Cake

There are some cakes that you just want to do and look forward to the opportunity ... well Rapunzel was one of those cakes!

Now with the movie Tangled being such a hit .... this was no surprise!

This cake is for the daughter of one of my closest friends. When the cake options were being thought, Rapunzel was decided on as Tamara loves the movie!

Custom invites were made and all were invited to "let their hair down" and to make crafty creations at Princess Tamara's party!

The cake was made to be the centrepiece at the little friend's birthday party, but was cut the next day at their family soiree!

To say there were "oooohs and aaaahs" when the cake came out, was an understatement! The look on Tamara's face said it all!

The cake is actually the hill the castle is on!

As I knew Silvia, would find it hard to cut up this creation, I decided to make it easy on her and make the tower something she could keep. Therefore the tower is covered styrofoam. All other decorations on the tower are completely hand moulded and edible.

I LOVE how this cake turned out and it is now on my list of my cake faves!

The cake is pink and white marbled vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache.

Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Looking down over Rapunzel's tower

Rapunzel awaiting her prince!

and her hair draped down over the crumbling tower walls

Now that is a happy face!

Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful Tamara!



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