Babushka Cake and Cupcakes

Anya celebrated her 1st birthday two weeks ago and her mum requested a Babushka cake to match her beautiful little birthday invitations.

The design on her "body" and the colour scheme matched the design on the invitations and the cupcakes were special treats for the kids also.

The babushka is handcarved and her "design" is all handpainted. She is also a moist carrot cake with white chocolate ganache.

The cupcakes are chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

A beautiful and striking colour scheme.

Matching little cupcakes

Happy 1st Birthday Anya!


Shaniqua said...

ur cake is lyk soooo amazing! it is lyk sooo cute man! can u giv me da recipi? i wanna make 1. or mayb lyk 2 cuz there lyk sooo cute and little u no? n mayb i can lyk put 1 inside da otha 1? hav u tried dat? u totally shud try it!
okies, peace out sistah!

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