Cosy Coupe Car Cake, Cookies & Cupcakes!

Jackson's mum Penny contacted me about her Jackson's upcoming 2nd birthday.

Penny is a lover of all things theme orientated, as am I. So when it came to organising invitations for Jackson's birthday she went to none other than Anders Ruff (AR). If you are not in the know about AR, you need to be and NOW! Not only did Penny get her invites designed, she also had table labels, cupcake toppers, birthday banner etc. Such a wonderful and easy way to coordinate your printables! Visit Anders Ruff here.

So to match Penny's Cousy Coupe car birthday party theme - I got my inspiration from the AR invitation. The cousy coupe was a freestanding element on the cake and gave the simple cake a WOW factor and the colours made everything pop!

The car is carved styrofoam and covered and moulded in fondant and then given a new car sheen!

The cake is chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache.

To match the cake, were colour coordinated cupcakes (to go with the AR cupcake printable toppers) as well as traffic light cookie pops!

Penny did such an amazing job with her party table for Jackson and all these treats just made it even the more special!

The cake

The AR invitation as well as some "inspiration" images!

Loving these colours together!

Even the cake is licensed to ride ... well in NSW only!

Traffic light cookie pops for little riders!

and colour coordinated chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with fluffy vanilla buttercream.

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!


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