Jumbo the Elephant 1st Birthday Cake

I have nicknamed this little guy Jumbo!   I loved him so!   However this was my second version, due to humidity!

I had the pleasure last year to make some beautiful cookies for Jack's Christening.   It was now his 1st Birthday and time to celebrate.   Jack's mum loved my hoot cake and wanted something similar but with changes.   The invitations had an elephant with a balloon on it and we incorporated the elephant ala Hoot - with those same gorgeous eyes and of course a balloon.   I then wrapped the blanket design from my hoot cake around the tiers and changed some colours around and wa-la a new version! 

The cake is a chocolate/vanilla marble cake with chocolate ganache.   The birthday festivities were held in the bungalows at Woolwich Pier Hotel.

Photo taken on site and with his now glossy balloon!   Still loving Jumbo!
Happy 1st Birthday Jack!


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