50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

This cake was made a few weekends ago for a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Bonnie makes an unbelievably good fruit cake!   So she baked the fruit cake and the rest was left to me.   The little silver vase on the top is the same vase that was on top of their wedding cake 50 years ago.   How lovely to see it 50 years on!

The bottom tier is the fruit cake, covered in marzipan and fondant.   The top tier is chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.

This was not my original design, not far off it, however at the last moment (the night before) I changed my mind, due to the fact that I hate fruit cake and marzipan and in humd rainy weather!   Can never get it as clean lines as one would like!   So I covered the entire tier is these ruffled roses ..... if I knew how much time it was going to take, I would've rethought it??!   However, I love it!   I love that the roses have a fabric look to it.   I wanted to incorporate a little bit of lace and for it to be golden, but not tacky golden!   I put the same ruffled roses in the little vase.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!


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