Congratulations Room to Read ........ with a cake!

I have been affiliated with the very worthwhile charity Room to Read for some time now and their work is extraordinary and benefits to children in developing countries is magnificent.   Read more about Room to Read here.

This is my 12 hour turnaround cake!   The lovely Jennie of Room to Read is a tireless lady who does so much work for this wonderful cause that I would always try and make room to do something back - even if it means late night baking and last minute decorating!

Last weekend, Room to Read Australia hosted their annual wine gala and raised over $1 million dollars for this wonderful cause!   Jennie wanted to thank the wonderful volunteers that helped make the event happen.  She wanted something sweet to take with her to celebrate and it was also one of the deciated volunteers birthdays.

The cake is a lemon poppyseed cake with lemon scented buttecream.   The books and cupcake were all handmade by me and were carved and covered styrofoam.   I made the cupcake at the last minute, especially for the birthday gal!

Congratulations Room to Read on all your fantastic work and Happy Birthday Margaret!


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