January 31 Day Photo Challenge with Instagram

Last month saw the finish of my 31 Day Photo Challenge that I took part in.   I decided to only use iPhone images as we were going to be away for most of the time and used Instagram as my mode of creative photography!

I loved this challenge so much, that I am continuing it and am taking part in the February challenge.   If you would like further details of the Challenge by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim, visit her blog here.

Here are my January daily images:

Day 1: Me  ....  Day 2: Breakfast ....  Day 3: Something I Adore
Day 4: Letterbox  ....  Day 5: Something I Wore ....  Day 6: Makes Me Smile
Day 7: Favourite  ....  Day 8: My Sky ....  Day 9: Routine
Day 10: Childhood  ....  Day 11: Where I Sleep ....  Day 12: Close Up
Day 13: In My Bag  ....  Day 14: Something I'm Reading ....  Day 15: Happiness
Day 16: Morning  ....  Day 17: Water ....  Day 18: Something I Bought
Day 19: Sweet  ....  Day 20: Someone I Love ....  Day 21: Reflection
Day 22: My Shoes  ....  Day 23: Something Old ....  Day 24: Guilty Pleasure
Day 25: Something I Made  ....  Day 26: Colour ....  Day 27: Lunch
Day 28: Light  ....  Day 29: In My Fridge ....  Day 30: Nature ....  Day 31: Me, Again

I have also joined in the linky link party with the wonderful Shelley of House of Smiths fame and also Kellie's at the Nest of Posies.

 Looking forward to February's challenge.


Kim@The Polka Dot Press said...

Great Photos...Thanks for sharing!

House of Smiths said...

I Love all your photos!!! That #9 is so adorable! Babies get me every time :)
Thank you for linking up to our party!!!

Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

hi there! great recap! :) i would love to follow you on instagram! i'm @anightowlblog

Unknown said...

Your photos are stunning! I'm a new follower to your blog after seeing you linked up to The House of Smiths. I can't wait to continue following along.

Kacey said...

I love #9! So sweet!

nest of posies said...

i love how you did your layout for your pictures! so cool. my collage is so busy looking.

love your photos. thanks for linking up.

have a great weekend.

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