A Little Valentines Sweet Affair

I really am not a Valentines girl! I really am not!   I love the sentiment of it all - but the over-marketing of it all kills it!

However in saying that, collectively I have spent 36 valentines with my men!!   So I thought I might do a little something, at the last minute!

I always make my own cards for the boys, and this morning while I was painting my hands to make their Valentines cards {yuk} I looked in the playroom and saw Liam's little red drawing desk.   Then the idea came to me!

So at 10am, I decided to bake a few things, put a few things together and about 1 hour later all done and ready for my men to rock on home!

Happy Valentines to my men!
I didn't know what to use for my backdrop.  I thought about a few options and then I saw my painting in the hallway and the colours suited the occasion! (Pointillist painting by me!)

I used things that I had to make the table come together and it all went together nicely I think.

Some treats for some after dinner sweet tooths!
Some treats that I could whip up easily at home in an hour or so.
Chocolate spoons (boys will love these)
Meringue nests with chantilly cream and raspberries
More chocolate - this time chocolate spoons
Cupcakes filled with pink buttecream and topped with a cake heart sprinkled in pink icing sugar
Pink freckled shortbread (courtesy of Coles!)
Looking down over my table of love!

Some fresh flowers for the table - I love the simpleness of these gorgeous blooms!
A handmade card for my hubby! This is our 22 Valentines Day together - I have officially had more Valentines days with him than without him! Oh lucky me! The card symbolises hearts firmly in our hands!
and a handmade card for my beautiful little Valentines - Liam, Ben & Noah!
My men are my life and my heart!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!



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