Bali Themed 40th Birthday Cake

Karen contacted me at the beginning of this year to discuss her 40th Birthday Party.   She lives in a beautiful part of the world, Thirroul, and her party theme was "Balinese".

Karen's brief to me was, a Bali theme!   Open slate for the rest!   So I opted for what makes me think of Bali - thatched huts, bali flags, sandstone statues, tiki torches, fabric lounges and of course the beach!

The hut was made from styrofoam and given a Bali treatment and given a thatched roof as well as some wooden supports and wooden floor boards.   A traditional fabric balinese mat was under the hut as well as a sandstone statue.   Tiki torches provided the actual candles for the cake.   The bali flags are paper (this cake needed to travel several hours).   At the last minute I decided to add in a pair of legs diving into the waves!

Apart from the hut structure and the bali flags, the entire cake and its decorations are all edible.   The cake is a chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

I think I could easily jet off to Bali right now!

and I can see myself lounging here right now also!

Happy 40th Birthday Karen!


Desire Empire said...

Love this. Your work is amazing and beautiful

Desire Empire said...

PS Your newest follower

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thank you os much for your lovely comment Carolyn!

jade said...

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