"Oh Sweet Mum" ... More Sweet Sneak Peak Information

Firstly, a huge big thank you for everyone who has joined in on the Oh Sweet Mum bandwagon and have RSVPed and are ready and awaiting the big reveal!  

It has been such a whirlwind for all involved since the time that I released the event.   For the last 6 weeks, many talented women (and maybe even a few men) have been busy working away, designing, creating, styling, baking, decorating, photographing, crafting ..... ready for photoshoots that have been taking place all over Australia, as well as overseas!

As it is almost one month away from the big day, Friday 27th April 2012, I though it prudent to give you all a bit more information.

So to recap ....

Oh Sweet Mum is an "e-vent"! That is a virtual event that will exist in one place, at one time. However all the work will be done before that, so on the date of “virtuality” we will all be at our desks, laptops, iPhones etc and will have a gold ticket seat to watch the events play out.

Oh Sweet Mum will take place on Friday, 27 April 2012 and will be published online via the Blissfully Sweet Facebook page that very morning at a specified time. To be a part of this e-vent - all you need to do to RSVP is hit the "like" button.

Need to know a little bit more???
The entire Virtual Mothers Day E-vent will be made up of numerous mini E-vents hosted by different stylists and using fabulous contributors and vendors.

The mini e-vents that will be held on the day will be:

Breakfast & Yoghurt Bar
Market Days
Pies, Slices & Tarts
I Want to Travel the World
Beachside Lunch
Cakes, Candy & Drink Buffets
Afternoon Picnic
Oh So Sweet Shop
An Evening Sweets Affair
Hot Chocolate & S’Mores Bar
Midnight Snack

with a special mini e-vent by our International Icons.

It will be a day filled with inspiration!

I will not let out yet who will be hosting each event and who is contributing with them, you can have some fun guessing on that one.   However, I will let you know that the only "rules" each host had, was they had their own particular colour scheme to work with and that it needed to be in theme with the title of their e-vent.

Each artisan has their own style and flair and I wanted them to design and create what they wanted, so we could see what wonders they could master.

I will also let you know, that I have heard stories about what has already been done and I am falling off my chair with excitement!   These ladies have left no stone unturned and nothing was off limits!

So.... on the day of virtuality .... each mini e-vent will be hosted online on the Blissfully Sweet Facebook page.   The e-vents will be staggered out on the day so that you will have your dose of gorgeousness every few hours.   Closer to the day, I will let you all know what time every e-vent will be shown.   Click like here to make sure you do not miss out.  

At the end of the day, the whole e-vent will be available on my blog here.   More details on that soon also.

So now you know more!   We have been itching to tell more and cannot wait to show more soon.

In the meantime, hold onto your seats, because it is going to be an Oh so sweet ride into Mother's Day!


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