A Farm Themed 1st Birthday Cake

Laura contacted me about her son's Farm birthday party and she emailed me a copy of the invitation, which had a cute barn and some animals on it. I decided to use this as the design theme for the cake.

I mixed up all the different elements to the cake. The grass was all handpainted onto the sides of the cake and then 2D elements were added, such as the white picket fence and the sunflowers (which were also on the invite). The 3D elements then added that extra pop with the fun details - like the cow and sheep with a birthday cake on top and a ducky in a pond and at the last minute I decided to have a little piggy have his head pop over the fence!

The barn was not in my original design, I did not want it to look too busy. However, when I was putting the cake together, it needed that extra pop of something on top, so I added a 2D standing up barn and then .... ta da .... the cake!  

Loved this cake and the fun"ness" of it.  Laura - was at first speechless, then excited and then speechless and then exclaimed that she did not think she could cut the cake up!

The cake is chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache!All decorations are completely handmade and edible.

The little farm animals

I could almost just cut straight into that teeny tiny cake!

Happy 1st Birthday Manuel!


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