A Rainbow Rufflicious Birthday Cake

Lina from Chanele Rose Flowers & Events asked me to make a cake for her daughter's birthday this weekend. All I was told was it was rainbow theme and "do what you want"! Yippee!

My love of ruffles is widely known, but I wanted to try my hand at some rainbow ruffles! Let the ruffle marathon begin!

I ruffled the sides and thought it would be cool to do the top also! Loved that effect! Then when I was done, I sat back and thought it needed something a little more on top! Rainbow ruffled pom pom balls was called for!!!

Such a fun and bright cake and Lina saw it and teared up - hands down best reaction!!

Happy Birthday Chanele!


Anna Banana said...

As a fellow baker/decorator, I am in awe of this cake. Is it all buttercream? I love when decorators get creative with buttercream and forgo the fondant. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I have a request for this cake. do you have a turtural of the pompom balls? is it just the carnation cutters?

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