Bath Tub Beauty

This is a birthday cake for my gorgeous sister Tina.
I wanted a cake that would be as fun and unique as her. Of course the detail had to be great, but the best bit .... those boobies! From this figurine to a plastic surgeon's hands .....
Did not really want to get her out of the bath, but a chocolate mud cake with white chocolate ganache .... it was time to hop out!
Happy Birthday to you my lovely Tina!!
She looks so peaceful ..... and perky!

The details, from the shampoo to the lingeries & flip flops, the towel, the book and the soap.

She shimmers in the candle light!

But yet, she is still no match for the real thing ... not even close!
This is the reason I bake .... the smiles.

Happy Birthday to you Tina.


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