My Inspiration

What inspires me .... apart from life itself and every new thing in every new day??
My mother is my ultimate inspiration ... she made every day a little more memorable and taught me the wonder of making cakes to light up a child's eyes. The moment my first son was born, I looked forward to being able to bake his birthday cakes, and now he looks forward to it more than I (hard to believe!!). This is thanks to the memory of my mother and the wonderful person she was and will always be!

The reasons why I live and breathe .... Ben & Liam!
Everyday I look at them, and wonder how I got so lucky. My aim is to show them everyday how special they are.

And then there is Larry .... who makes it all worthwhile. My husband, my soulmate, the best dad and a complete HUNK. I love the way the boys idolise him!

and then there is us .... I just love how I feel with him beside me!

Now you know a little more ....


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