A Toy Story of a Birthday Cake

Toy Story 3 has just hit the cinemas, so Andy, Buzz and their buddies are back in vogue BIG time!
Thomas celebrated his 7th birthday at the movies on Sunday watching Toy Story 3 in 3D and a more happy bunch of kids I had not seen. They even got a tour of the projection room. I weas lucky to be there on the day with Liam and witnessed all the excitement.
The characters on and around Andy's famous bed are some of his original Toy Story favourites - some are sadly no longer in the franchise :(
Thomas did not know about his cake, and his ecstatic and surprised face was the best thing to see!

Etch sketches out the birthday message.

The main Toys in town.
Woody (of course with "Andy" penned on his boot) and the invincible Buzz Lightyear.

A very scrambled Mr Potato Head and one of the martians.
"you have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful ....."

Rex and Lenny the binoculars on Andy's bedroom rug
and a very happy birthday boy with his cake.
Happy 7th Birthday Thomas!


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