U2 & iPod Birthday Cake for my U2 Fanatic Hubby

My hubby is a no-fuss type of guy and never wants a big to-do about anything - complete opposites we are!!
The other thing he is - a complete U2 fanatic!
His U2 tickets were booked in months ago and in the Red Zone he was, for both concerts! And the first concert happened to be the day of his birthday!
So I thought a little cake was in order, but what to make - well U2 of course!
So I used my ticket and printed out edible images of the ticket as well as an iPod screen and made a giant iPod cake - of course set to a u2 album.
He loved it!!!
Everything is completely edible!

The cake cutting the night before his birthday - as he was spending his evening with Bono!

and the cake is cut!
Best birthday ever I am sure!
Happy Birthday Babe!


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