Spongebob Birthday Cake

Two of my favourite little people's birthday parties took place this weekend - they just happen to be the kids of a beautiful friend of mine!
This is the first cake!
When I learnt Tate was going to be celebrating his 6th birthday at a Spongebob bowling party ... I was cheering ....... have wanted to do a Spongebob cake for EVER!
First I needed to Google - because I have seriously never ever seen the show before and until now had no idea that anyone ever lived under the sea in a pineapple??!!!
Spongey in his little world.

All decorations are completely handmade and edible, except the pineapple. The pineapple is carved and covered styro. The pineapple would've weighed too much!
Funny how that as soon as the buck teeth went onto Spongey - he BECAME Spongey!

The pineapple house

Spongey and Gary the Snail.
Do you see the floating "6" in the reeds behind SB?

Various coral adorned the board and Tate's name was made into Sponge-Tate!

Happy Birthday to my other little man Tate!


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