Silver & White Elegance Wedding Cake

I do not really think I have a niche .... or maybe I do?
I think what I have become known for is novelty cakes more or less. Make fun and quirky cakes really is sooooo much fun .... but I do get the urge to try more on the "weddings" side of it all.
Lucky I have the urge considering I have a number of weddings coming up.
Kylie called me to order her wedding cake, last minute as she originally was not going to have a cake at all, sacriledge I say! Lucky someone talked her into it!
An intimate ceremony has been planned this weekend and Kylie just wanted something elegant and simple to match the invitations and colour scheme.
White and silver with silver monograms.
This is the result. I did not get to take many photos as the week was a buzz - but I like how these photos turned out!
Cake is decadent dark chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.

The "K" and "M" monogram is handpainted in silver on the top tier.

Congratulations Kylie-Anne & Matt.


Magnolia said...

This is so yummy. Thank you very much for sharing!

Blissfully Sweet said...

A pleasure xx

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