Monkey 1st Birthday Cake

Last year I had the pleasure and priviledge to make little Vito's Christening cake. Still one of my favourites (click here).
Vito is now 1 and still one of the cutest little boys you will ever meet.
Jo & Phil are the most beautiful parents and when Jo contacted me for a 1st birthday cake, all she had in mind was monkeys.
I came up with this 3 tiered design. I wanted something playful, colourful and festive with lots of cheeky monkeys!
The bottom tier is white chocolate mud cake.
The middle tier is caramel mud cake.
The top tier is vanilla cake.
All are filled and covered in decadent white chocolate ganache.

The little monkey sitting on top with his presents, his oversized "1" and his part eaten banana.

Cheeky monkey's poking out behind the trees.
Banana strewn about.

Happy 1st Birthday Vito!


Maysem said...

OMG that cake is so darn cute!!! I love love love it!! Every bit of it :D

Blissfully Sweet said...

Thank you very much! It is one of my personal faves!

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