Spots & Dog Birthday Cake

This cake was made for a gorgeous friend's daughter.

All Zali wanted for her cake for spots (to match her invitations) and a little Zali and her dog Chilli on the cake. With this in mind .......

Zali had two parties, her first party with her friends took place at a play centre where you cannot bring your own cake. So the little Zali and dog topper was made to sit on top of both cakes.

Her second party was with her family and the topper then took its proper place on top of the double tiered spotty cake.

The cake is a pink and white marbled vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache.

Happy Birthday Zali!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki,
Can I ask how you get the name imprinted on the icing, is that a special lettering tool? Gorgeous cake and you are absolutely amazing, in awe of your work.
Thanks, Lisa

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